What is a Developmental Edit?

This is a big picture edit where I look at character arcs, world building, narration, plotting and story beats. I also do a deep dive into story telling techniques to make sure that story really comes alive on the page. A developmental edit does not include line editing, copy editing or proofreading. However, I’m always happy to pick up things if I see them.

I offer two different packages.

One Time Developmental Edit

For this edit I go through a whole manuscript in track changes and also include a detailed editorial letter along with a couple of support emails if needed.

COST US$.015 cents per word (example75,000 words = US$1,125)

Developmental Edit and Mentoring

This is my most popular package and it comes with a lot more support. I will go through the whole manuscript in track changes and supply an editorial letter. This is followed up with a Zoom call to discuss the revisions and plan a way forward. I also provide email support as needed, and will then do a second pass and supply more feedback. This package is a way to help authors learn their craft and also be a sounding board if they need it, not to mention a cheering squad. I wield a mean pair of pom-poms!

COST US$0.025 cents per word (example 75,000 words = $1,875)

I have a limited schedule so always do a sample edit first to make sure we’re a good fit. To apply for a sample edit and check on my availability, please fill in my contact form so we can chat!

My rates are all in US dollars and I require a $300 deposit to book a slot. This is non-refundable but is transferable.

For more information, please fill out my contact form!