Bullet Journal…Obsessed, I tell you



It’s fair to say that when it comes to writing lists, I’m an epic failure. Not that I don’t want to be organised, it’s just that it always seems so much like handwork. However, after a chance conversation with the lovely Jason from the school where I work, he mentioned something called Bullet Journal. Now, normally I would’ve forgotten all about it but after realising just how many scraps of paper I had floating around the place, I decided to go and look them up.

Turns out that they are a ridiculously cool concept and now I’m hooked.

Seriously! I had to make three trips to the stationary shop to get just the right kind of journal and three days in, not only have been writing my lists, but I’ve actually been doing stuff on them (er, like do a blog post!!!)

What I love best about Bullet Journals is that it seems to work in conjunction with how I think, as opposed to against it. Plus, the website is super pretty!!

Of course when I spoke to Jason this morning, it turns out that he doesn’t spend his entire weekend drawing cute little pictures all over his Bullet Journal (men are so weird sometimes), but I’m going to let him off because I’m too busy enjoying my new book. Has anyone else tried this? I would love to know what you think and if you have any tips to share!

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