Free book!

Newhalocover-225x300Yes, folks.  You Had Me at Halo is free over at Amazon Kindle for the next five days. This was my very first published book. I wrote it three weeks after my father died, back in 2005 and signed with an agent and got my first book deal all within a five month period. It was crazy to think that after wanting to be published for so long that it finally happened. Unfortunately, my father, who’d always been a great supporter of my writing dream (and who basically forced me to read Tolkien when I was ten years old), wasn’t around to see it. However, I’m a girl who believes in all kinds of weird stuff so I have no doubt believing that he was up there pulling a few strings. Thanks, Dad!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing!


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Dating the Guy Next Door….is out!

Hooray. Dating the Guy Next Door is now out in the world and available through most digital retailers! It’s so funny moving back to romance after living in a YA/Middle Grade world for so long, but there is something so satisfying about seeing two characters transform themselves and their lives when they get together. Anyway,… Read More

Answering your Call

For fans of the hero’s journey, they will know all about the hero being called into action and how, after some debate, the hero will either answer or reject the call. But it’s not just in stories that calls are made. In real life we are called to adventure all the time. That one small… Read More