Falling for the Best Man

Wow, so it’s under a month until my next book comes out and I’m getting just a little excited. Of course by a little I mean over-the-top-avert-your-eyes-because-jumping-might-be-involved! And it’s not just because I love this story–though I do! It’s because I’m finally part of the Entangled family, which is something I’ve been scheming toward for… Read More

Dating the Guy Upstairs…is now available

Dating the Guy Upstairs LIARS OR LOVERS?Young librarian Riley Harris has always maintained her independence, leaving the drama of love to anyone silly enough to fall for it. Her Jane Austen novels are as close as she cares to get to “true love.” Luckily, her handsome upstairs neighbor—and landlord—Will Henderson feels the same way.Since his ex-fiancé… Read More

Dating the Guy Next Door….is out!

Hooray. Dating the Guy Next Door is now out in the world and available through most digital retailers! It’s so funny moving back to romance after living in a YA/Middle Grade world for so long, but there is something so satisfying about seeing two characters transform themselves and their lives when they get together. Anyway,… Read More