I’ve just finished the revisions for Sophie’s Mixed-Up Magic book three, and this is definitely my favorite one in the series. Not only does it contain a flying carpet (and let’s be honest, wouldn’t we all kill for a flying carpet) but Sophie also ends up learning how to become invisible. Anyway, as promised, I will be getting some fun giveaways together and will be introducing you all to Sophie and her ghostly djinn guide, Malik so you can get a taste of what’s to come! In the meantime I need to go and write some words on my book, but I do promise that from now on I will be your most obedient blogger!!!!

An update

For those eagle-eyed readers you might have noticed that as far as blogging goes, I’ve been a bit of a failure (stop rolling your eyes and muttering ‘a bit’). But the good news is that I’ve almost got the new blog up and running so please don’t be strangers because over the next few months… Read More

Shooting Stars by Allison Rushby

Woot! Today I’m celebrating the release of my friend Allison Rushby’s new book Shooting Stars. Allison is a fellow Brisbanite and our mothers actually worked together long before either of us had ever thought of being writers (okay, so perhaps Allison had but I was far too busy dreaming of my upcoming wedding to Simon… Read More