Remember how I do that thing where I say that I’m going to start blogging again and then I disappear into a black hole for a year? Yeah, well those days are over! My new leaf is shiny and pretty and promises to show itself at least three times a week!!!!!

So today I’m talking about what I’ve been reading lately. I’m still on my Georgette Heyer binge and am also devouring Rachel Bailey’s The Summer of Jake, and in between that I’ve been reading loads of non-fiction, spiritual books. If you can affirm it, tap it or meditate on it, then I’ve probably read it! And so when I saw¬†Claire Cook’s new book, Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention it was a must buy.

NeverTooLate_execprogalleryThe thing I loved best about this book is that not only is Claire a wonderful writer but she uses a language that I can so relate to. It reminded me of when I saw Blake Snyder speak and I almost cried with happiness because he used words that really spoke to me (like Pope in the Pool!).

Claire’s book was exactly the same! What I loved best about it is that it’s half a spiritual guide on how to get to your happy place and half a practical guide on how to survive publishing, all while being totally uplifting. I loved it and totally recommend it for anyone who is looking to transform their life (plus there are kitten and dog stories in there, which makes it irresistible!)

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