Crossroads Tour

It’s started! The Crossroads Tour. There are thirteen authors and it goes over seven days and to win a Kindle that is preloaded with some of our titles all you need to do is visit each blog to answer these simple questions:

October 21: This author feels _______, ____________ is the most haunted town in America.

October 22: This author believes that ____________ is the key to creating something beautiful.

October 23: This author has a book being released as six ______ _____________.

October 24: When asked, monster or alien, this author picked, ”malevolent but glamorous   ______________”.

October 25: The most important element of this author’s zombie attack prep is that she married a _____________.

October 26: This author believes the recent graphic novel adaptation of ________________ is utterly terrifying. 

October 27: This author is currently adapting her novel into a ________________.

October 28: In high school, this author had a sense of anxiety that someone would discover that she was really _______________. 

Here are the participating bloggers

Late Bloomer Online

A Simple Love of Reading

Scribing Shadows

For What It’s Worth

Confessions of a Bookaholic

Mundie Moms Book Reviews

Most-Wanted Monsters

A Life Bound by Books

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