Demonosity.medium (2)Demonosity

An ancient myth + a mean girl + a reluctant warrior = a lively take on good vs. evil

The Black Rose–a powerful ancient force–has been let loose and has taken up residence in Celeste Gibson, popular girl at Cassidy Carter-Lewis’ high school. Thomas Delacroix is the spirit of a fourteenth-century knight who is devoted to protecting the Black Rose, but he needs a contemporary living being to take on the challenge. That’s where Cassidy comes in.

She’s a quirky high school junior who just wants to dress in her vintage clothes, hang out with her best friend, and take care of her father, who is recovering from surgery. She’s the last person who would ever volunteer for such a task, but no one actually asked her.  Now, like it or not, she finds herself training before dawn and battling demons at parties, the mall, and even at school. But hey, no one ever said high school was going to be easy.

“With her usual wit and humor, Ashby (Fairy Bad Day, 2011) takes on the question of how to make the right decision. No one ever said growing up was easy. For 16-year-old Cassidy Carter-Lewis, things are pretty complicated. Her dad’s just home from knee surgery, her mom’s just moved back in (but is usually at work), her faithless ex-boyfriend is hassling her, and now she’s being pressured to try out for a part in the school play, which is totally not her scene. So when she finds out that she’s supposed to be the guardian of the Black Rose (whatever that is) and has to learn sword fighting and start killing demons, it’s all a bit much. On top of all that, she’s being taught military technique by a medieval spirit and wooed by the more-than-handsome new guy at school. With so much going on in her life, how is she supposed to actually stop and think for even a minute about how to answer the call of the Black Rose, especially when her father’s life starts to slip away due to a demon spell. No one can make the decision for her—it’s up to her to decide what’s really right and what’s really wrong. With interesting characters and a fresh plot, this absorbing read addresses everything from peer pressure to intelligent guy pals to self-reliance, with just enough paranormal activity to maintain an edge. The message never overwhelms the fun in this frothy paranormal romp.” Kirkus Reviews

“In Amanda Ashby’s Demonosity (Speak, 2013; Gr 7-10), quirky, kindhearted, and incredibly indecisive Cassidy is dumbfounded to discover that she has been appointed protectress of the Black Rose—an ancient force that affords immortality and unlimited power to whomsoever can harness it—now hidden away inside virginal human vessel (Cass’s vapid schoolmate). Harangued by the spirit of a 14th-century knight, the taciturn and hunky Thomas de la Croix, Cassidy’s days are suddenly consumed by early morning sword-fighting training, slaying nasty demons at parties and the mall, and trying to guard-dog Celeste without anyone noticing. How will she find time for the new swoon-worthy guy at school with whom she has been exchanging smoldering eye-locks? As mysteries unfold and secrets are revealed, Cassidy realizes that she must determine the fate of the Black Rose, an awesome decision that will not only affect her personally (her father has fallen gravely ill), but may also impact the balance of good and evil. Ashby’s frothy romp percolates with lighthearted humor and droll dialogue, while an involving plot and themes exploring friendship and self-reliance add satisfying substance.” School Library Journal

“I love reading a new Amanda Ashby book. I know to expect a fun, quirky paranormal read and it’s always what I get. It’s a nice break from all the serious paranormal reads, always focused on the battle between good and evil. Ashby’s books do deal with that battle, but she infuses them with humor and a fun-loving protagonist.” Book Chic