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ReflectingEmmy_LowResToday I’m touring the ever adorable Diana Rodriguez Wallach and her new novella trilogy Mirror, Mirror. The first story is called Reflecting Emmy and since I was lucky enough to read it, I can assure you it’s awesome (think Buffy meets Greek mythology!)

Reflecting Emmy

Eighteen-year-old Emmy is in the family business-trapping vapid narcissistic souls into her silver compact mirror for all eternity. It’s what the Rhamnusia family has been doing for thousands of years, all under the direction of Great Grandmother. Only Emmy’s latest assignment, Nara, is about to prove more challenging than she ever expected.

Gorgeous and self-absorbed, Nara is unflinchingly cruel to her classmates. Even her boyfriend, Luke, can no longer tolerate her actions–much to Emmy’s relief since she finds Luke a little more than intriguing. But when Emmy tricks Nara into gazing into her mystical mirror, what she finds there is not what she’s expecting.

1 How did you come up with the idea for this book?

Reflecting Emmy is the first short story in my Mirror, Mirror trilogy, which is based on the myth of Narcissus. I wanted to reimagine a myth that most people, and teens, would know very well. And honestly, within seconds of my brain contemplating Narcissus, I came up with the idea of a paranormal organization that traps Narcissistic souls by judging their reflections in mirrors. I wish I could pinpoint what part of my brain came up with this idea and how it happened so quickly, because there are times when I’m slugging through a revision and would love to manually click that switch.

2 What’s been your favorite author moment so far in your career?

The book launch party for my first novel, Amor and Summer Secrets. Friends and family drove in for the celebration—some traveling hours—and the entire English Department from my old high school showed up, as well as my former Spanish teacher. And my parents gave me a fancy engraved pen that I still use to sign books. It was such an exciting moment; it can’t be replicated.

3 It’s Oscar speech time! Who are the three people that you would most like to thank for helping you write this book?

My husband. I can’t imagine it’s easy to be married to a writer, especially when things aren’t going smoothly. He’s constantly encouraging me, and I couldn’t do this without his support.
My parents. They always insisted I find a job that I love. My father, a reluctant accountant, encouraged me to follow my passion and let the money follow. For writers, the money doesn’t always follow as quickly as we’d like, but I would never have had the guts to attempt this dream without their encouragement.
My elementary school Learning Enrichment Program (LEP), which did a unit on Greek Myths and first introduced me to Narcissus. Something must’ve stuck.

 4 Describe a typical writing day

I’m the working mom of a toddler, so it’s hard to say I even get “writing days” anymore. Ahh, memories. But most weeks, I have a nanny who comes three days, and I immediately leave the house and write in my community’s makeshift library/game room. While I’m there, I write nonstop, completely focused. Honestly. That’s the biggest difference now that I’m a mom, when I have time to write, I WRITE. Facebook is for after dinner while I’m watching the So You Think You Can Dance.

5 Tell me one strange random fact about this book.

I wrote Reflecting Emmy, the first short story in the Mirror, Mirror trilogy, in less than two hours while sitting in a coffee shop in Philly. I wish all writing could go that smoothly.

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