How to Kiss a Bad Boy

A girl with a plan. A guy with a past. And a summer that could change everything.

Sixteen-year-old Frankie Hargreaves has her summer all figured out. Work at her aunt’s retro food truck, and have her first kiss with the cute guy from the surf shop. It’s foolproof. Until her aunt hires local bad boy, Jackson Lang to help out. Sure he’s cute. Okay, really cute. But Frankie knows what guys like him are like. All she needs to do is ignore him and stick to the plan. How hard can it be?

Jackson’s always lived in the shadow of his father’s criminal past, and is used to the world judging him. Which is just fine. He’s happy to keep to himself and look out for his mom and kid sister. That way he can’t be disappointed. Problem is the longer he works with the gorgeous Frankie, the more he starts to think perhaps there’s a chance for him to have a different life.

Jackson isn’t the only one falling hard, but after two dates things get complicated and Frankie soon discovers her first perfect kiss might just lead to her first painful heartbreak.

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“Oh my … I just loved this heartwarming story. This author writes such complex and real characters and as you gradually get to know them, you fall absolutely in love.” Amazon reviewer

“Frankie is a cute and quirky heroine, and Jackson is an especially sympathetic hero who is truly heroic. He is responsible, loving and loyal to his family.” Kate McMurry

“If you’re looking for a clean, sweet read that can be read at any age, I would highly recommend this book!” Kate, Goodreads