How to Kiss Your Crush

He’s way out of her league.

Sixteen-year-old activist, Norah Richmond wants to save the world, one toilet at a time. Problem is it’s hard to get people interested in helping with sanitation in struggling countries, and the fundraising is going badly. Until her crush, Zac Mackenzie literally crashes into her life.

Everyone knows he’s a serial flirt, but when he offers to help out, she agrees because it’s all about the big picture. There’s just one little hitch. In exchange he needs her to be his fake girlfriend.

Soccer star, Zac’s having a really bad day. Benched by the coach, he needs to prove he’s reformed. And what better way to do it than with a brand new girlfriend? Plus if it means he can help Norah to save the world, that’s even better.

He soon discovers there’s more to the unassuming Norah than he knew. Problem is she only sees him as one of her projects. And for the for the first time in his life, Zac realizes he’s playing a game he can’t possibly win.

Oh my word! Zac and Norah are the best! Sometimes I get tired of fake romances, but this was done right. Norah has had a crush on Zac for a long time, but didn’t think he would ever notice her, until a bit of drama in his life causes them to interact with each other. Watching them fall in love was awesome!” – BookGirl 1955 Amazon reviewer

Oh my … I just loved this heartwarming story. This author writes such complex and real characters and as you gradually get to know them, you fall absolutely in love. The story is so well written: it has humor as well as sadness, teen angst, and a wonderful cast of supportive characters that add depth to this already rich story.-Amazon reviewer

“.Really good book! I love the whole nerd and jock plot! Ms. Ashby really knows how to get into the heads of young people and make older people like me remember what first love feels like.-Lisa, Amazon reviewer