How to Kiss Your Enemy

She doesn’t know whether to kiss him or kill him..

Worst summer ever. It’s bad enough that smart girl, Via Mackenzie has been stuck in the middle of nowhere on her family’s annual camping trip, but it gets worse when her nemesis, Hudson Trent turns up. Still, she’s managed to avoid him for two years, and it’s not about to change now.

Hudson’s having a bad week. Make that a bad year. Ditched by his warring parents and ignored by the girl he’s been crushing on forever, he knows he only one he can rely on is himself. Which is a great plan, until Via literally falls from a tree and lands on him.

His quick thinking might have saved her from serious injury, but he ends up with a twisted ankle and a girl who thinks she owes him something. Forced to spend time together, Hudson remembers how much fun they used to have before everything went wrong.

Via’s also struggling to ignore the spark between them, but can she trust him not to hurt her again?  Either way it’s going to be a summer they never forget.

“Cute teenage love story. A light read for summer!” Megan, Goodreads