Lights, Camera, Cassidy

Today the lovely Linda Gerber is celebrating the release of the third book in her middle-grade series, Lights, Camera, Cassidy. Linda and I both share an editor and a publisher and have known each other for ages so I think it’s so exciting that we both have middle-grade books out at the same time – and we’re planning to do some fun things together later in the year. Linda also has a fabulous competition going and you can find out more about it on her website.

Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Episode One: Celebrity

The show’s producers have decided that they want to feature Cass on camera, and so they arrange for her to be shown around Valencia, Spain, by a local teen (and a cute one at that!). Things are going well – until Cass unwittingly catches a criminal in the act on her video blog, and she’s thrust into the spotlight. To top it all off, her old friend Logan returns to the show. He’s older now and . . . well, cuter. As things with the blog start to heat up, Cassidy finds that she doesn’t know who is a friend, who is a crush, and who just wants her story for the tabloids!

Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Episode Two: Paparazzi

Cassidy has a fabulous opportunity to be in an upcoming travelogue about the Greek Isles. For the show, she will be living on board a swank yacht and being hosted by the wealthy actor Costas Kouropolous and his adorable son, Nikos. But Cass soon starts to suspect that things aren’t really as they seem aboard the Pandora. At the same time, she wonders what’s going on with Logan – he hasn’t been around for their nightly e-chats. Can she find out the truth about the Pandora? And can she get her relationship with Logan back on track – before it’s too late?

Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Episode Three: Hacked

Cassidy is thrilled when the time comes for her and Logan to start filming publicity spots for their parents’ TV show in Costa Rica. But there’s a damper on her sunshiny outlook when she realizes that Logan is less than thrilled at being in front of the camera. Even worse, she soon discovers that someone has hacked into her blog and is posting some pretty negative things–jeopardizing her whole role on the show. Can Cassidy enlist Logan’s help and figure out what’s going on–before it’s lights out for Lights, Camera, Cassidy?

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