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WP_20140806_007The downside of moving around so much is that it’s not always possible to have animals and so for years we’ve been promising our daughter that as soon as we were back in our own house we would get a cat.

Well, that time has come. Here is Otachi (what do you mean you didn’t know that Otachi is category IV Kaiju from the movie Pacific Rim? Okay, I’ll let you off since I didn’t know either).

We got her from the lovely folk at the Napier SPCA when she was five months old. My daughter had wanted a kitten but had also decided that she would choose from the cats who needed a home on the day we went in. It was an interesting selection process and we thought she might go for the cute long-haired black cat who first walked toward her, but instead of stopping, the black cat just wandered past to her food bowl.

Like in life, it seems good-looking creatures don’t need to work as hard. That is when Otachi obviously realized that there was a window of opportunity available and she raced over and put on all the moves, leaving my daughter in no doubt who would be coming home with us.

Since then the cat has quite literally jumped on and sniffed just about every corner of our house before finally deciding that the most comfortable places to sleep are either on a lap (where she is right now) or on top of one of my many crotchet rugs.

Anyway, it is lovely to have a cat back in our lives. And yes, I’m afraid that I will be turning into one of those authors who starts posting photographs all the time.


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