GCC presents Kelly Parra

Today I’m touring my lovely buddy, Kelly Parra, who is not only a fabulous writer but also a fabulous person! Something Wicked is the second anthology that Kelly has been involved in and her story follows the adventures of Jaz and Blake (and it has mermaids. Yay mermaids!!)


Kelly Parra’s short story “Mermania” continues Teen Supernatural Hunters Jaz and Blake’s paranormal adventures. The duo debuted in “Darkness Becomes Him” in the young adult anthology PROM DATES TO DIE FOR as they battled a soul hungry dark angel. In SOMETHING WICKED a merman entrances Jaz and it’s up to her and Blake to rush against time before Jaz grows her own tail by the full moon!

1 How did you come up with the idea for “Mermania” in the SOMETHING WICKED anthology?

Kelly: Hey Amanda! Well, when I was first approached to do a short story for Buzz Books, I thought it would be awesome to run with a fun idea of teen supernatural hunters who solve supernatural mysteries. So I whipped out my first short story with Jaz and Blake fighting a dark angel in PROM DATES TO DIE FOR, then continued their next adventure with mermaids for SOMETHING WICKED. I really, really love the myth of Mermaids so I couldn’t pass up a chance to write about them.

2 What’s been your favorite author moment so far in your career?

Kelly: I’ve always considered myself sort of underdog when it comes to my writing. Some readers enjoy my fast-paced storytelling and many readers like slower, deeper reads.  I’m totally cool with that. So it’s always like a big wonderful author moment if I get an email or review by someone who loves one of my stories! I’ve also been nominated for awards and I will never forget the feeling of amazement. Very humbling. I was lucky enough to see Kelly the night she was up for a RITA award and it was so wonderful – she literally glowed with excitement!!!

3 It’s Oscar speech time! Who are the three people that you would most like to thank for helping you write your story?

Kelly: Definitely Buzz Books for having me be a part of a fun collection of spooky stories, and always my critique partner, Tina Ferraro, for giving me excellent feedback. And an awesome thanks to one of the authors Heather Dearly for telling me about the anthologies in the first place.

4 Describe a typical writing day

Kelly: Take kiddos to school, zip through social media sites, open current project. Proof read last scene, write, go back to social media sites. Have snack. Procrastinate. Write a little more. Haha. You get the picture.

5 Tell me one strange random fact about “Mermania”.

Kelly: There was this documentary about Mermaids that came out last year. It was filmed with secret agents confessing about strange happenings and government cover-ups—about Mermaids. I was so tripped out. I didn’t know whether it was all real or made up because I missed the very beginning. Turns out it was ALL fictional and filmed realistically. LOL. And that’s when I thought, “I am so going to write a mermaid story!”

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