Some weekend finds

So, it’s been a vaguely productive week. I managed to finish the proposal for my next romance (and fall totally in love with it. A quirky librarian and a hottie eco-warrior!) and I’m now revising a new Middle Grade book, which I’m having lots of fun with. Of course, being an Aries I’m not exactly good at sitting down at the desk for long periods of time, which means in between the writing I did manage to slip out of the house to a few places this weekend and here are some my cute vintage finds!

WP_20140921_003First up is three cute Agee jars. I had no idea that I needd three cute Agee jars until I went out shopping with my jar-obsessed friend, Mandy yesterday. Anyway, they are now sitting on my kitchen window filled with lavender from the garden. Adorable and a bargain at $3 each




WP_20140921_004Next on the list was this too-cool-for-school oil squirter thing (um, yes, that is the correct name for it). My misguided husband seems to think that it will be going into his tool shed, but it will in fact be living in the kitchen and looking awesome! Mind you, anyone who saw my Facebook post will know that the husband has already managed to take over the laundry with his drum kit so don’t go feeling too sorry for him. Cost? $5

WP_20140921_006Oh, and another reason not to feel sorry for the husband is because he also got a gorgeous old bakerlite PYE valve radio for $15. Not sure if it works  yet but either way, it is very cool!

And finally, something that every vintage house needs…

WP_20140921_008A completely useless but totally cool fire switch. And it’s  yellow. My son and I are currently fighting over it. He wants it in his room in case of a zombie apocalypse. I want it in the bathroom because it is both awesome and hilarious. Either way, for $5 I feel that it was essential buying.

So, that was my weekend haul. How about everyone else. Was there any vintage treasure hunting going on? If so I would love to hear what you found!

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