Fairy Bad Day news

Okay, so the truth is that I’m meant to be working on the revisions for my third Sophie Book but I’m sneaking away to share a couple pieces of cool news with you all!

Firstly, Fairy Bad Day has been selected as part of Voya’s Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers 2011. This is a huge honor and I’m completely thrilled to be part of such an amazing list!


Also, I’m excited to announce that Fairy Bad Day has also been released in Indonesia, making it my first foreign translation! Here is the adorable cover (with shoes that I need to own!!!!). I also noticed that there is a Goodreads competition up for Indonesian readers, so don’t forget to check that as well!

Oh, and unless you enjoy seeing authors doing undignified dancing, then you should probably look away now!!

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2 thoughts on “Fairy Bad Day news

  1. hi there…this is my fav book and i love it heaps!!!!!!! one day i wanna turn it into a movie too!!!!! also i heard the other day that u stopped printing it…..is that true????

  2. Hi Kerryn,

    I’m so pleased that you love Fairy Bad Day (I do too!!!) and since I’m addicted to movies, I would love to see it at the big screen – let’s cross our fingers! It has been out for a couple of years now so it will be up to my publisher if they keep printing more copies, though hopefully they will! And thanks again for your lovely comment. It has totally made my day!

    Amanda xoxo

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