What Were You Thinking, Paige Taylor?

After her carefully ordered world imploded, Paige Taylor cracks up. On her tenth self-help book, it seemed like a good idea at the time to reinvent herself—move from Manhattan to the tiny beachside town of St. Clair—and take over the local bookstore.
But instead of discovering her spiritual Nirvana, she’s neck-deep in a floundering business, the locals treat her like a plague victim, and her mom’s suddenly decided to visit—with no end in sight—and keeps coming home with one surprise after the next.
Added to that pot of crazy, the one guy who sets her pulse racing has sworn off women forever. He’s got a Samsonite filled with baggage, but damn he looks good hauling it down the street. And giving her those sexy half-smiles.  And tempting her to take him for a test ride.
Soon Paige discovers that reinventing herself takes more than just a change of address and a pithy quote on Instagram. She needs to face the truth about her life, and that’s something she can’t do alone.

“Fun, tender and utterly captivating…guaranteed to give you all the feels!” Christina Phillips, author of the British Bad Boys series

“I loved this book! Such sweet characters, a town that rivals Stars Hollow in its delightfulness, and as well as being sweet and romantic, it’s funny too!” Clare Robinson, Goodreads

“Perfect for fans of Gilmore Girls, Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes, this is a witty, adorable story about cake, books and following your heart.” Katie, Goodreads