Yes, it’s been awhile…

rosesI’m sure I have a great reason why I haven’t been blogging late. In fact, considering I’ve written books about killer fairies, I’m actually sure that I have a multitude of brilliant reasons! But now isn’t the time or place. Instead I just wanted to let everyone know that while yes, I have been watching lots of TV (I think it’s fair to say, that’s a given). I’ve also been incredibly busy finishing off Dating the Guy Upstairs, getting ready for the launch of Dating the Guy Next Door and also running a series of writing workshops.

The writing workshops have been a revelation and it’s been a real privilege to work with newer authors who are determined to bring forward their amazing projects into the world! I’ve always been conscious of the kindness I received from other authors while I was learning my craft (okay, still learning!) and it’s been so cool to be able to pass on that knowledge. Plus, it means that soon there will be loads more great books for me to read, which is the real bonus!

Blind date books

I’ve also been masquerading as an Intermediate School librarian (middle school for US readers) and that has been pretty cool, since there is nothing I like better than talking books with people, especially kids! I’ve also been sending a lot of them out on a Blind Date with a Book, which has been so much fun!

So, what has everyone else been up? More importantly, what TV shows have you been watching? I’ve just discovered a small addiction to Arrow. Nothing to do with six-packs. Nope. Definitely not!











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