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Whether you’ve just finished your book, or you’re a hopeful writer, yearning to tell a story, I’m here to help you on the next stage of your journey.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism and have been a published author for almost twenty years. I’m obsessed with story structure and while I would say my coaching and editing style is perky going on cheerleader–if there is hard work to be done, I’ll make sure you do it–but it’s in all in aid of getting that story out of your head in the best possible way!

I was also recently diagnosed with ADHD so know a thing (or million) about the ongoing struggles and frustrations of trying to achieve your dreams when your brain wants to go for a three-hundred kilometer detour via the garden, the washing, the shiny thing that your neighbour told you about that you should probably check out, and…oh, snacks.

It’s an exhausting minefield, and having someone to navigate it with you, not to mention hold you accountable and focused, can make all the difference.

As a Story Coach, I  work one-on-one with authors to get their books started (and finished). Together we create an accountability system as well as hands on editing to make sure you stay on the right track. 

I also do Developmental Edits and specialize in Young Adult, Middle Grade, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal and Women’s Fiction.

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What people are saying

‘I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Amanda on many of my published romance novels, and I can’t imagine sending a book into the world without her! She has an almost uncanny ability to *see* the heart of the book, no matter how deeply I’ve unintentionally buried it! I highly recommend Amanda’s editorial services to any author who wants to take their writing to the next level.
Christina Phillips, author.

‘It was so lovely to “see” you today!! You are honestly the best life coach ever. Seriously, I think everyone needs an Amanda in their life!!’
Amy Hart,  author

“Trying to be a productive author whilst taking studies at university is a little hard to time manage. With Amanda’s wonderful help we were able to work out an effective strategy that keeps me writing in small bites. It has been an honest blessing as it has helped me stay in my story and my universe particularly when I have dry periods of no writing. I can’t thank Amanda enough for all her writing wisdom. She’s so much fun to work with. Definitely worth it. Love you Amanda!”
Efthalia Pegios, author.

‘I wanted to thank you for your help, encouragement and good advice, you really made me feel like a writer, and I am already working on my next novel.’
Anouchka Laboone, France, author

‘Thank you for the gift of knowledge that you so generously shared. You have given me a confidence to write and I hardly slept that night from excitement. Yes, I have found my book, and yes, I cannot say no to the challenge. I wish you all the best.’
Priscilla Gibson, Napier

‘I was lucky enough to be coached by you, and you made such an impact on me. Through your incredible and intuitive questioning, you showed me how easily I see the good and beauty in the all people, but also challenged my thinking, which has triggered a change process. You have such a strong energy of support and acceptance, like everything I said was important and worth listening to. You made me feel worthy and special.’
Kirsty Fraser, Wellington

‘Amanda’s passion for storytelling and great sense of humour shone through, and her approach to the craft has inspired me to better understand my ‘voice’.  I cannot thank her enough for her ongoing encouragement and belief in my project.  I am no longer someone with a secret writing hobby, I am a writer!’
Sarah Myles, author of Towards the Mountain

‘Amanda is an incredible editor. She has a brilliant understanding of story structure and how to take characters to the next level. Her edits are insightful, honest and thoughtful. She has edited a number of books for me and I am now a much stronger writer. In all my dealings with Amanda, she has been professional, prompt and conscientious. I unreservedly recommend her editing services.’
Sara Hantz, author.